Bauston Wilde

North America

  • Age: 25
  • Astrological Sign: Aquarius
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 10
  • Social Handles (Twitter, Insta, Facebook): BaustonWilde
  • Hobbies / Interests: Motocross, Yoga, Professional Stuntman for film and TV
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Boston Lager ;)
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: Breaking my wrist skiing the run next to the park, on an icy day.


Benji Farrow

Breckenridge, CO

Sponsors: Zion Snowboards / 686 / Vans / Yea Nice / Cabot Cheese

Benji began skiing almost as soon as he could walk and transitioned into snowboarding at age 7. As the son of a ski instructor in a small Vermont ski town Benji spent almost all his time on the mountain trying to emulate local heroes Danny Kass, Ross Powers and the Teters. After having some success on the contest scene at a young age Benji moved to Colorado during high school and joined the US Snowboard Team and competed in halfpipe contests worldwide. Today Benji still resides in Breckenridge and enjoys spending his spare time skateboarding, camping and riding back county.



Casey Arnold

Moscow, PA

  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 8
  • Professional accomplishments/highlights: Competed in a few bigger competitions on the east coast. Added to the Ski The East team. Supported by Peak Resorts (Big Boulder Park) and Volkl Skis.
  • Instagram: @c_arnold01
  • Hobbies / Interests: Fishing, Camping, Hiking.
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Fresh as Helles!
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: Competing in an Under Armour rail jam during finals I took a slam and my ski got wedge in the rail. The event was stopped, and park crew had to cut it out.



Dylan Thompson

Hood River, OR

  • Age: 30
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 16
  • Professional accomplishments: X Games gold 2016, silver 2015, bronze 2014, 2013 cover Snowboarder Magazine
  • Instagram: @dylanathompson
  • Hobbies / Interests: surfing, snowboarding
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Boston Lager
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: Forgetting my boots at home


Freddy Brideweser

Canton, Ohio

I spend my winters in Breckenridge Colorado. I have been a competitive free skier since I was 13 years old. When I'm not skiing and traveling I love to Surf, race motocross, and play golf.

Sponsors: Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Oakley, Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp



Ian Thorley

Marquette, Michigan

  • Sponsors: Signal, Neff, Celtek
  • Years riding: 20
  • Home resort: Breckenridge, CO
  • Favorite vacation: Anything in Asia!
  • Professional accomplishments: 3rd place Red Bull Nanshan Open 2014, 3rd place Europe Cup Slope Style 2014, Shred Show 2nd place 2012, Cholula Triple Air 3rd place 2011, Dew Tour 3rd place 2010



Jaime Melton

Reno, NV

  • Age: 31
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 24 between skiing and riding. I was a confused child.
  • Professional accomplishments: 1st Place 2012 Stake Your Claim World Freeride Championships, 1st Place 2014 USCSA Collegiate National Championships- Quarter Pipe, 1st Place 2015 USCSA Collegiate National Championships- Slopestyle, 1st Place 2015 USCSA Collegiate National Championships- Overall
  • Social Handles: @jaimelton
  • Hobbies / Interests: If you can get off the ground with it, I'm about it! Skateboard, motocross, surfing, wheelbarrow, etc. Some of my other hobbies include bull fighting, comic con conventions, and thumb wrestling (currently accepting all challengers). Applause is something that brings out the send in me, so if you want see the good stuff, let's hear it!
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: New England IPA
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: When a hot girl rode up to me and complimented me on my hair and I thought she was making fun of me, so I skied away. It turned out she really did like my hair and we've been dating for 6 years now.

Read my bio.


Scotty Lago

Seabrook, NH

  • Age: 30
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Hometown: Seabrook, NH
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 23 YEARS
  • Professional accomplishments (just the highlights): 2010 OLYMPIC BRONZE IN HALFPIPE, 4 XGAMES MEDALS
  • Social Handles (Twitter, Insta, Facebook): @SCOTTYLAGO
  • Hobbies / Interests (how do you fill your glass): I’M A HUNTER GATHERER, YOU CAN FIND ME IN THE WOODS WHEN IM NOT ON THE MOUNTAIN.
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Fresh as Helles
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: POOPED MY PANTS IN COMPETITION....TWICE.
  • BIO: I grew up on the East coast and still live here. I started riding at mountains like Waterville Valley and Loon, but I’m lucky enough to ride all over the world now. I started my snowboard brand Lago snowboards @lagosnowboards and owners in friends headphones. sponsored by neff headwear and weatherby firearms.

I’ve been competing for a while and have gotten lucky a few times and have four XGames medals and one Olympic bronze medal. recently won the x games real snow backcountry fan favorite.



Tim Humphreys

Basking Ridge NJ

  • Age: 30
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 23
  • Professional accomplishments (just the highlights): 1st Place Us Open Big Air 2008, 2nd Place US Open Slopestyle 2008, 2nd Place Nanshan Open Slopestyle 2015, Standard Films 2112 full video part, Appearances in the last 3 Warren Miller movies
  • Social Handles (Twitter, Insta, Facebook): Instagram @TimHumphreys Twitter @TimJumphreys www.facebook.com/prohero
  • Hobbies / Interests (how do you fill your glass): I fill my glass with Tasty Waves, Concrete Waves, and I sprinkle some silicon on top.
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Fresh as Helles. Fresh as Helles, let's party!
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: this one time I forgot my snowboard pants when I went to the mountain, and had to wear a sweatshirt on my legs. I was filming at a resort with some brand new people I had never met.. they were like... wtf is wrong with you??


Will Mayo

Scarborough ME

  • Age: 29
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 19
  • Professional accomplishments: Co-Director/editor of #SpotPizza🍕 and inventor of “the Miracle Whip™️”
  • Social Handles, Twitter: @mayonnaze, Insta: @Shredwise, Facebook: Facebook.com/Mayonnaze
  • Hobbies / Interests: Surfing, hiking, photography, tinkering in the garage, rock climbing and singing/playing music.
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Winter Lager
  • Most embarrassing moment… on snow: one time I accidentally cut off Pat Bridges (the editor of Snowboarder Magazine) while heading into the quarter pipe section at Eastern Boarder's Last Call. He was cool about it, but I felt mortified!

I started snowboarding on a plastic board from Kmart on the neighborhood hill just chasing the feeling of freedom and fun with my friends. Now the scenery, the gear and the environments we ride may have changed but I'm still chasing the same things: good times and creativity with friends. I ride mostly street and a little park but lately I have been in search of backcountry adventures more and more.


Zach Normandin

Littleton, MA

  • Age: 23
  • Years Skiing / Riding: 18 years
  • Professional accomplishments: Parts in both, volcom presents true to this and Mr. Plant
  • Instagram: @znormandin
  • Hobbies / Interests: I like to surf, skateboard and hang out with friends
  • Favorite Sam Adams Beer: Fresh as helles
  • Most embarrassing moment on snow: Getting kicked outta the resort and having to walk the rest of the way down because ski patrol confiscated my snowboard.