Samuel Adams

Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Lager helped lead the American beer revolution, reviving a passion for full-flavored brews.

A Better Glass of Beer®

Since 1984, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has used only the finest hand-selected ingredients to create our perfectly balanced and complex original brew.

Burgers and Cupcakes

Pairs Great With Just About Anything

When it comes to flavor, combination is everything. Boston Lager is the perfect companion for classic dishes.

Crafted With Quality

Did you know that Jim Koch tastes each batch of Boston Lager to make sure that it reaches our high standards?

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Boston Lager bottle and full pint


Year-Round Draft, 6-pack 12 oz bottles, 12-pack 12 oz bottles, 28-pack 12 oz bottles, 12-pack 12 oz cans, 16 oz can

Malt Varieties

Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend and Caramel 60

Hop Varieties

Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Tettnang Tettnanger Noble Hops


A deep amber to golden, SRM: 11



ABW 3.8%





Taste: A Distinctive Balance of Spicy Hops, Slightly Sweet Roasted Malts,

And a Smooth Finish

Small Plates

Blue Cheese, Black Bean Soup, Bruschetta, Cobb Salad


Burgers, Roasted or Fried Chicken, Burritos


Dark Chocolate, Chocolate & Caramel Cupcakes, Toffee Cheesecake

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Bottle of Boston Lager, full pint and grilling chicken
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