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When you do what you love with a commitment to your craft, the term “work” takes on a different meaning.  Continuous exploration, discovery and doing things right produce both satisfaction and great craft beer.


We believe in everything we do.

At Samuel Adams®, our love for quality craft beer starts with the ingredients. We work closely with growers to track the progress of the hops and determine the exact right time to harvest. We hand select the best of the year's crops. And we ship our ingredients when the temperatures on the Atlantic are at their coldest - to keep the hops fresh.

Of course, our attention to detail doesn’t stop there. We do hundreds of measures, readings and quality assurance checks throughout the over five week beer making process to ensure the beer is exactly the way it should be. In fact, our craft brewers meet every morning for a tasting panel to check the quality of each batch. If the beer seems up to snuff, it is faced with one final taste test: Jim Koch himself.

Even after our craft beer has left the brewery, we still keep a watchful eye on it. We go into bars and perform thousands of draft quality checks every year to make sure the beer passes our standards. We check the draft lines for cleanliness, the temperature, glassware and the keg storage conditions. From ingredients to glass, we want to make certain that each pint of Samuel Adams® beer is as good as the last.


It’s the ride, not the destination. Unless of course you are visiting us at our brewery. You’ll be able to check in using our interactive beer wall, see our brewers in action, and sample some of our world class craft beers.


Meet the family. Sure, we may come from different places and perspectives, but we all rally around our shared love for great craft beer. Maybe that’s why we do everything we do For the Love Of Beer.


When it comes to craft beer, quality is everything. So how do you know you’re getting the freshest, highest quality Samuel Adams® beer with every single pour? It’s called The Perfect Pour program, and it’s craft beer drinkers’ new best friend.


There are tools for every craft. Naturally, we sought to design the ultimate tool for craft drinkers everywhere. The Samuel Adams® Boston Lager Glass is the result of Jim Koch’s passion and vision, and it’s changing the way people enjoy our beer.




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    Samuel Adams® founder Jim Koch brewed his first batch of Boston Lager in his kitchen in 1984. Follow in his footsteps with our how-to homebrewing guide.

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