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Bars and restaurants that have proven they know how to pour the perfect pint of Boston Lager, the way the brewers intended, will be “Perfect Pour Certified” by our team of experts. How does this work? They must take the following steps to give drinkers the perfect Samuel Adams® Boston Lager experience.

Step 1: Deliver a Perfect Pour


In our eyes, nothing is more beautiful than a perfectly poured Samuel Adams Boston Lager®. Perfect Pour Certified accounts make sure that their glassware is free of detergent residues, and pour their beer with the proper amount of head. The deep amber color shines in a clean glass, and the 1-2 inches of a thick, white head retains and releases the beer’s aroma.

Step 2: Use the Right Glassware

The size and shape of a glass can impact the aroma and taste of a beer. Jim and our brewers spent years collaborating with sensory experts to design the perfect pint glass for enjoying a Boston Lager.

Step 3: Care for the Draft System

We can only control how our beer is treated until it leaves the brewery. The rest is up to the bar or restaurant it is being served at. Regular cleanings of the draft system, pouring the beer at the right temperature, appropriate storage of the kegs and monitoring the freshness dates are all variable factors that contribute to serving a fresh and flavorful beer. Perfect Pour Certified accounts show a similar level of passion and care for serving great, fresh beer.

Step 4: Train and Educate the Restaurant Staff

Everything we do is for the love of beer. We taste it. We push the boundaries of brewing it. We try to help people learn to appreciate different styles and flavors. And we work with the wait staff teams in bars and restaurants, teaching them about the brewing process and the complexities of serving beer, all so it can be enjoyed at its best.

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