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You can tell a lot about a person by the way they pour a beer. You can tell even more about a great craft beer with The Perfect Pour. Learn how.

img step1 the glassStep 1: The Glass

First you'll need a beer clean glass. What's that? It's a glass that's been cleaned with non-detergent based soap and is free of odors from food, smoke, or glass sanitizer. A dishwasher and normal detergent should be good enough. A beer clean glass will release CO2, hold a head, and will leave a lace of foam behind as the beer is consumed. We also recommend using a room temperature glass. If you pour from a tap or a refrigerated bottle, the glass will allow the beer to come to the perfect serving temperature.

img step2 the pourStep 2: The Pour

Place the glass at an angle just below the bottle. If pouring a draft from a tap don't let the faucet make contact with the glassware! Open the faucet all the way in one quick motion.

img step3 the finishStep 3: The Finish

As the glass fills, about half way slowly return the glass to an upright position. The final part of the beer should be poured right down the middle to produce a dense head. The perfect pour will have a layer of foam about as wide as your finger.

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