Our Boston office is home to more than 200 people who are devoted, hardworking, and passionate about brewing and selling the best beer in the U.S.

We have our own bar, Sammy’s Place, overlooking Boston Harbor. We often meet up in Sammy’s at the end of the day for a beer, for monthly “Cake & Beer” celebrating birthdays, or for some camaraderie before we head to a Samuel Adams team softball game. Many of our internal training classes for all employees, including sales and our breweries, are also hosted in our classrooms at the office, so it gives us an opportunity to connect and catch up over beers.

Who works in the Boston Office?

  • Brand Development and Creative – These are the people who guide and protect our image and reputation. Within Brand Development we have people working in brand management, advertising & innovation, PR, digital, graphic design, national promotions, events and research.
  • Operations – They handle all the logistics in partnership with the breweries and our wholesalers to make sure beer reaches thirsty beer lovers at the peak of freshness.
  • Procurement – We couldn’t brew great beer without procuring the highest quality ingredients. This team also procures things like glassware and display pieces that help drive visibility for Samuel Adams in the market.
  • Finance & Accounting – We love them. They deposit our paychecks and also oversee our fiscal health.
  • Human Resources – Their job is to hire, develop, and retain the best people in the beer business. Jim Koch’s rule is that every hire at Boston Beer must raise the average in the company.
  • Legal – They keep us out of trouble. They also handle our relationships with our investors. (We’ve been a public company since 1995 - NYSE (SAM).
  • IT – We thank them for keeping us technologically savvy.
  • Business Analysis – This team stays close to sales and data trends in the market and provides reporting expertise to our Sales and Brand Development teams.
  • Collaboration and Execution – This team acts as our coordinators of chaos – they work cross functionally to keep us, and all of our projects, on track.
  • Corporate Services – They are the glue that keeps our office functioning and, more importantly, they keep the beer flowing in Sammy’s Place!