Making great craft beer comes with a lot of responsibilities. That’s why the Boston¬ Beer Company has pledged to be a good corporate citizen since the very beginning.

While there wasn't a budget to support charities in the early days, we estimate that we gave away between 5% and 10% of the first shipments of Samuel Adams beer to charities that were hosting fundraising events. This year we will almost certainly donate more beer to charities than we brewed in 1985.

Due to recent policy updates from the Mass Alcoholic Beverage Commission, we are not able to donate beer at this time. We are looking for ways to continue to support our nonprofit partners with product donations and will be back in touch when we have a plan in place.

Once we were up and running, we expanded our support. Since opening our Boston brewery to the public in 1988 we've asked visitors for small donations during our free tours which have gone to a variety of charities over the years including: Youth Enrichment Services, the Old Granary Burying Ground where Samuel Adams himself is buried, and Boston Cares to name a few.

While we still support hundreds of organizations each year, more recently we have been able to create larger partnerships benefiting:

Brewing the American Dream

In June of 2008, Jim and The Boston Beer Company launched a program called Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream® to provide low and moderate income food & beverage small business owners (typically employing between 1-5 people) with the financial support and mentoring they need to achieve their dreams even when the odds are stacked against them. Jim has not lost sight of his humble beginnings or forgotten how hard it was in the early years, which is why he felt it was important to give back to other passionate small business owners. In launching the program, The Boston Beer Company partnered with ACCION USA, the domestic arm of Boston-based ACCION International, a global microfinance nonprofit. The Boston Beer Company committed an initial $250,000 to establish the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Loan Fund, providing much needed capital to lower and moderate income small business owners whose businesses would not be approved for a bank loan. The microloans offered through Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream range from $500 - $25,000 with an average loan size of $7,000.

In addition to providing loans, the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program also seeks to assist hundreds of other microentrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring workshops offered to local small business owners. Through educational opportunities like Speed Coaching workshops developed by Samuel Adams employees, the program provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to meet one-on-one in 20 minute intervals with Boston Beer employees to get advice and ask questions about web development, marketing, packaging, design, publicity, pricing and sales & distribution for help in starting their own businesses.

To find out more about Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, click here.

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