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  • Samuel Adams

    Andrew’s Epic Flight

    NEW noblePils SM Vixen small BostonLager2015 BTL SM HolidayPorter small

    While Boston Lager will always be my go-to style, I appreciate the different aspects that each of these other brews bring to the table.

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  • Samuel Adams

    Dean's Go-To Flight

    BostonLager2015 BTL SM WL 2014 btlSM StonyBrook small Double Agent

    Boston Lager is my “anytime” brew, but I enjoy the malty spice of Winter Lager, Stony Brook Red's complexity, and the hops of Double Agent.

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  • Samuel Adams

    Grant's Amber Waves of Grain

    IrishRed small TasmanRed small StonyBrook small BostonLager2015 BTL SM

    Although all of these beers share a somewhat similar color, they really couldn’t be more diverse in their overall profiles.

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