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From the very start, our mission has been to brew distinctive, flavorful beers.  Through continued innovation and exploration we’ve introduced beer drinkers to new flavors — whether capturing the essence of a season or pushing the boundaries of brewing.  Why?  One simple reason — for the love of beer.

Brewmasters Collection

Brewers make beer. Imagination makes brewers.

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Brewer's Playground

At Samuel Adams, we believe we are only constrained by our own imagination. As craft brewers, we're constantly challenging ourselves to try new things. That's why inspiration for new beers can spring from just about anywhere -- from a recent trip, unique flavor combinations experienced in a new dish at a restaurant, or a even a new take on a classic style. That's the beauty of craft beer: there is always more opportunity for experimentation!

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Building on Tradition

You can't forge ahead into uncharted territories without first understanding where you've been. For each of our Brewmasters beers we looked to a classic beer style as a starting point. We asked, "What are the origins of the style? What did it taste like? What ingredients or processes were used?" With the groundwork in place, we're able to bring in other brewing influences, ingredients, and flavors to create our own version of that style.

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Explore the World of Beer

The beers in our Brewmasters Collection were created to encourage experimentation and help beer lovers learn what flavors they like and understand where they come from. The more you discover, the more you'll enjoy.

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Our Flagship

Setting standards since 1984, this is where it all began.

Lager 2015 story
Samuel Adams

Boston Lager

Birth of An American Original

When Jim Koch left his corporate job to start a brewery, people told him he was crazy. But after tasting that first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen, he knew he had something that just might prove his doubters wrong.

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However, creating Samuel Adams Boston Lager didn't come easily. The recipe called for Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops, which are extremely fragile to grow and demand constant attention from farmers. In fact, at the time Jim was starting out, these special hops were nearly extinct.

Undaunted, Jim convinced farmers to grow these delicate hops, knowing that their aroma and flavor were essential to developing the signature character of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

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That vision and unwavering commitment to quality was rewarded though, just six weeks after Jim started the business, Samuel Adams Boston Lager was named "Best Beer in America" award at the Great American Beer Festival. Today, nearly three decades later it continues to win awards at beer festivals around the world. Just goes to show that real quality is timeless, but don't take our word for it. Let your taste buds be the judge.

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Seasons change, so do tastes. We covered both.

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Rhythm of the Seasons

The idea of brewing beers to match the seasons dates back for centuries. Early brewers made refreshing lighter beers in the summer and heartier more sustaining beers in the winter. They also used the freshest ingredients at hand. From fruits, to herbs and spices, each of our seasonal brews is crafted to capture the flavor of the season.

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World Inspiration

We get inspiration for our beers from all over the world. It starts with a foundation of a traditional beer style, and then we search high and low for the right ingredients to capture the taste of the season. Our journeys have taken us from Southeast Asia to Africa, Europe, and beyond. We never know where that unique flavor will come from that brings the beer to life.

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Beyond Four Seasons

There are only four official seasons, but that's not going to stop curious brewers from experimenting all year long. Beyond Summer Ale, Octoberfest, Winter Lager, and Cold Snap, we've continued to create and experiment with other unique seasonal brews such as Old Fezziwig, Harvest Pumpkin Ale, East-West Kolsch, and a German radler called Porch Rocker to name but a few.

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Rebel Family

Pack of Rebels

2016PackOfRebels VP Header

Available: Year-Round

Pack of Rebels

From our Rebel IPA to our brand new Rebel Grapefruit IPA, Pack of Rebels is a year-round variety pack created for any west coast IPA hop head. Pack of Rebels includes: Rebel IPA, Rebel Rouser Double IPA, Rebel Grapefruit IPA, and Rebel Cascade IPA (exclusive to the Pack of Rebels variety pack).

The Nitro Project

Pop, Pour & Enjoy.

Sam Adams Light

We never thought we’d see the day.

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Samuel Adams

Sam Adams Light

Never Say Never

Maybe every once in a while you have to drink your words. We swore we'd never make a light beer, but then we decided beer drinkers shouldn't be punished by having to trade taste for calories. We decided to take on the challenge of a light beer, but it had to be on our terms. That meant starting from scratch.

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Flavor Development

Brewing Sam Adams Light broke all the rules of typical light beers. We knew it couldn't be a watered down version of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and we certainly couldn't use rice or corn as a cheap sugar source to lighten the flavor. We had to stick to the four main ingredients in beer: water, yeast, hops, and malt. We roasted the malt to add color and flavor without adding calories, and the blend of Noble hops used balances the caramel flavor of the malt with a soft spiciness and hint of tropical fruit.

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Redefine Light

Sam Adams Light continues to defy conventions and expectations. We thought we'd challenge preconceived notions for light beer by entering our amber colored, malty smooth light brew into a taste competition in Germany, with no light beer category. It won.

Barrel Room Collection

Welcome to the amazing world of barrel aging.

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Belgian Inspiration

At Samuel Adams, we love getting inspiration and knowledge from what has come before. For our new Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection, that inspiration started in Belgian monasteries, where the monks' patient approach to blending, aging, and conditioning their beers yielded some wild and flavorful results.

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Mother Funk

For our Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection we developed a blend of yeast we like to call the Kosmic Mother Funk, or KMF. Like all yeasts, it's the soul of these beers, and is blended into each at different levels. It's KMF that adds a whole new wild spectrum of flavors to the beer, from earthy and spicy to floral and sweet.

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Wood I, Could I?

As the name of these beers implies, the barrel is truly a part of the beer and these aren't just any barrels. After searching and testing many different woods and conditions we found the perfect match for the flavor we were trying to achieve. Originating from Eastern Europe, our barrels are made of oak and were initially used to make Italian brandy. The strong grain of the oak and the residual brandy character impart unique flavors to the beers that they house. The process of aging in these wooden tuns helps soften the beers and mellows out some of their ethanol character.

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Limited Release Beers

Our brewers’ playground.

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New Frontiers

Since 1984, when Boston Lager made people reconsider American beer, we've embraced the challenge of redefining beer head-on. We love the challenge of taking beer to new heights to redefine your expectations. From exotic ingredients to unique hop combinations, from aging beer in wood to reimagining the brewing process itself, we believe there's no limit to what beer can be.

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Endless Curiosity

Start with "What if?" This is what led to a departure from classic beer styles back in 1993 with Samuel Adams Triple Bock, when we experimented with aging beer in wood. With Triple Bock we caught a glimpse of a completely new style of beer -- a flavor dimension not yet achieved -- a beer with the taste elements of a cognac or port. Years of experimentation later, we introduced Samuel Adams Utopias and that spirit of innovation continues to evolve even today.

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Sometimes Gone, but Never Forgotten

We've brewed and introduced so many beers over the years. Regardless of the "success" of any particular brew, each introduction always seems to find a small, passionate following who love that beer above all others. Occasionally, we retire a brew to the disappointment of these fans and sometimes we'll reintroduce beers to much rejoicing. We do it all for the love of beer. Some of these brews may be currently on hiatus, but just like an old friend, there's always a chance you'll bump into them again.

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Small Batch Beers

Bold & Unconventional.

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Spirit of Wonder

Sometimes inspiration comes from an ingredient or a flavor combination just experienced. Other times, it may be the result of a happy accident. Whatever the source, true inspiration for our Small Batch Beers is bred from a respect for the craft, and above all, a willingness to ask "What if?"

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Big Flavor that's a Pleasure to Drink

Every one of our Small Batch brews is big, bold and flavorful. These brews are meant to be savored and enjoyed slowly. They don't lack for flavor and are higher on the ABV scale, but those bold flavors can be complex and nuanced in the way the flavors unfold and present with each new sip.

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Meant for sharing

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or experiment and try something new, it's always more fun with friends. Whether with new acquaintances or old friends, these beers are meant to be shared and enjoyed with others.

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Fall Variety 12-Pack

FallVP2016 BK

Available: August - October

Fall Variety 12-Pack

Seasons change, and we like to brew beers to reflect the seasons. As the late summer turns to fall, we bring out our Fall Variety Pack, with a collection of beers to perfectly compliment the cooler nights and changing leaves. Along with Boston Lager and OctoberFest, we have included Hoppy Red (which you might remember from last year), and three new styles, exclusive to the Fall Variety Pack: Bonfire Blonde, Maple Ale, and Toasted Caramel Bock.

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