Like a revolutionary, an entrepreneur pushes boundaries, knows what they want, and moves forward bravely with an uncompromising spirit, despite the risks.

Founder and Brewer of Samuel Adams, Jim Koch, took an entrepreneurial risk in 1984 to brew a better beer for the American beer drinker. Now one of America’s leading independent craft breweries, Samuel Adams has redefined the way Americans think about beer and helped to start a craft beer revolution with more than 5,400 independent craft brewers nationwide.

In National Best-Seller, Quench Your Own Thirst, Jim offers unprecedented insights into the whirlwind ride from scrappy start-up to thriving public company. His innovative business model and refreshingly frank stories offer counterintuitive lessons that you can apply to business and to life.

Jim covers everything from finding your own Yoda to his theory on how a piece of string can teach you the most important lesson you’ll ever learn about business. He also has surprising advice on sales, marketing, hiring, and company culture. A fun, engaging guide (best enjoyed over a beer or two) for building a career or launching a successful business based on your passions, Quench Your Own Thirst is the key to the ultimate dream: being successful while doing what you love.

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Growing Skinny: Boston Beer Founder Jim Koch's Five Rules For Smart Business Growth

“His story of starting a brewery when no one started breweries, then building it into a $3 billion company and the template for today’s craft beer movement, is worth the cover price for fans of entrepreneurial memoir. But it’s inspirational for anyone thinking of putting themselves on a more satisfying career path. The bonus is it’s a business book offered in friendly, colorful prose that lives up to the title.” – John Carpenter


'You Never Have Enough!' Great Advice for Start Ups from Sam Adams Founder Jim Koch

“ he outlines in this very insightful page-turner, he learned lessons the hard way on sales, marketing, hiring, and company culture, and it was those sometimes painful experiences that eventually led him to the top of the hop heap.” Produced by Dan Bova & Conrad Martin

Business Insider

At Sam Adams, it’s OK to tell your boss ‘f--- you’

"QYOT" author and co-founder of the Boston Beer Company Jim Koch has been in the beer business since 1984 when he founded Sam Adams. Boston Beer Company produces 1% of all beer in the US, and its flagship product, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, is universally recognized by beer drinkers. In this video Jim shares his management style which includes dropping F-bombs when necessary.”  - Rich Feloni

Sun Times

Steinberg: Sam Adams brewer crafts words as well as he makes beer

“Koch’s book is a Siddhartha of brewing, a journey of discovery, where the young prince — OK, in his mid-30s — a successful-yet-dissatisfied Harvard grad, leaves the secure walls of his consultancy palace, armed only with a 19th-century beer recipe.”

 “As fun as the book is for Sam Adams fan, it’s not really about beer, as about pursuing dreams, treating people decently, and being honest. This book radiates candor. When the Boston Beer Co. sells stock to the public, Koch tells the tale of the initial public offering. I wondered whether he’d reveal his take — this is where the less-than-candid tycoon would draw the veil. Not Koch.”

“I read the book in two days flat, and had tears in my eyes at one passage. There’s a lot of practical business wisdom here, but you don’t need to be forming a business to love this book. As to whether you need to love Sam Adams beer, well, I can’t answer that, because I can’t imagine anyone who enjoys beer but doesn’t love it.”

“Whatever your taste in brew,Quench Your Own Thirst is a fast, fun, thought-provoking read. Koch crafts words with as much care as he crafts beer, and that’s saying a lot.” – Neil Steinberg


Learn from my $2M beer bath: Sam Adams creator

“What’s amazing about this book is that it’s sort of an unconventional book in that you talk a lot about your mistakes. I mean, people sometimes talk about making mistakes, but they’re always sort of these fake mistakes. Tell us about some of the real mistakes you’ve made and what you learned.” – Squawk Box


Craft Beer Story Time: Jim Koch, Founder of Sam Adams

“It’s about 3+ decades building Sam Adams from a small little Boston beer brand into a national craft beer powerhouse.” – Dave Infante

NPR: Marketplace

Extended interview: Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams

“In between brewing 4 million barrels of beer last year and bringing in nearly a billion dollars in revenue, Jim Koch found time to write a book, perhaps fittingly titled Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two.” - Kai Ryssdal

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning 

From hero of the Revolution to highly successful brand of beer ... it's no wonder so many folks are saying "Cheers" to Samuel Adams. Serena Altschul paid a visit to Sam's hometown to learn more about The Boston Beer Company and Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream from founder and brewer Jim Koch.

Boston Globe

Boston Beer's Jim Koch Offers Readers a Six-Pack of Wisdom

“Time and again, people suggested to the Boston Beer Co. founder and consummate storyteller that he should write a book. The man behind Samuel Adams beer took the advice to heart: He spent much of the past three summers spinning those notes into tales full of business lessons and life advice.’ – Jon Chesto