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October 26, 2012The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Twist of Fate Brews a Taste of History

In chemistry there’s something called the “collision theory” that is often summarized by the idiom: “You can’t react, unless you collide.”

Fate has a way of ensuring the right collisions happen to occasionally create something remarkable.  The story of New Albion is proof that random events can collide in such a sequence to spark something incredible. 

In 1976, Jack McAuliffe created New Albion brewing, the first craft brewery to be started from scratch in decades.  Jack, a true do-it-yourself guy, did everything from building the brewery, to brewing the beer, to delivering it to the bars himself.  Unfortunately, he was a man before his time and in 1983, New Albion closed its doors for good. 

The next year, Jim founded the Boston Beer Company and began a revolution in brewing with the introduction of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.  A few years later, the trademark for New Albion lapsed and fell into public domain.  Not wanting it to fall into the hands of mega brewers, Jim applied for and was granted the New Albion trademark. Jim considered himself a custodian of brewing history, as if preserving a historical brewing treasure.

Fast forward to 2011 in San Antonio, TX. Meagen Anderson, a local sales representative is preparing her homebrew for the company homebrew competition, when she meets an older gentleman in her local homebrew club who seems to know a fair bit about brewing. Meagen, a true beer lover, recognized the name right away when he introduced himself as Jack McAuliffe.  Really?  What are the odds?

Meagen arranged to have Jack come to the Great American Beer Festival to witness for himself what had blossomed from the early seeds he’d sown. While in Denver Meagen introduced Jack to Jim, as the two had never met, and an idea was born.
On July 3, 2012, Jack visited the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery…

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