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Where to Find Samuel Adams

Where can I find my favorite Samuel Adams beer styles near me?

Let your fingers do the walking. Samuel Adams is available in all 50 states and about three dozen countries. Look no further and this takes just a second. Go to our Beer Finder, pop in your zip code and local accounts will pop up. You can zoom in and out to expand or contract your search area.

Where can I find kegs of Samuel Adams?

Having a party, eh? Call your local keg retailer (check our Beer Finder to locate one) and place your order in advance. We offer Boston Lager, seasonal beers (OctoberFest, Summer Ale, Winter Lager, and Cold Snap), Wicked Hazy, Wicked Easy, and occasionally some surprise additions.

My favorite style isn’t on the beer finder- what does that mean?

Some Sam Adams styles are available year-round, others seasonally, and others are special beers we brew in small batches. Some of these specialty beers don’t even make it to our Beer Finder. Checking in with your retailer, however, is the best way to track it down and to find out about the availability in your area.

Can I buy beer online or direct from the brewery?

Uncle Sam says no. Sadly, we cannot ship beers to you from our brewery or take online orders. The good news is that we can sell direct to drinkers who visit our Boston Brewery. We offer a variety of specialty beers in bottles and growlers at our Boston Brewery store. Better yet, we now have a Tap Room in downtown Boston, Jamaica Plain (Boston), and Cincinnati where you can sample several "rotating" styles by the pint or in crowlers.

I’m interested in Utopias - Where can I find a bottle?

Utopias is a rare species indeed; we typically only brew about 13,000 bottles every other year. Sadly, there’s no shortcut to finding a bottle of Utopias, and we cannot help in this instance because we don’t know whose shelves might still have a bottle. You can call around different retailers in your area. We think it’s worth the search; it defines the outer edge of the beer universe. Some retailers will take orders in advance for the next release.

If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia, don’t even look. Utopias is illegal in those states because of its high alcohol content.

I heard you make a helium-infused beer. Can I buy it?

Fooled ya! Heli-Yum is an imaginary product. We released a video, check it out here, announcing its “arrival” on April Fool’s Day 2014. It was fun making the video, and we had a fantastic response. In reality, helium is one of the least soluble noble gases, and it would be really hard to infuse it into beer. On the other hand, we urge you to try some of the other 60 Sam Adams styles we brew every year.

About our Beers

How can I tell the shelf-life of my beer?

Samuel Adams pioneered legible freshness dating back in the 1980s. It’s printed on every bottle and on the top of every case of our beer. Turn your bottle of Sam on its side (before opening) and the left edge of the label has months and a year printed. One month is notched, and you want to drink it before the first of that month. If you have a can, turn it over to see a month and year indicated on the bottom of the can for when you would want to enjoy that beer by. It won't hurt you to drink it past that date, but you won't get the full brewery-fresh taste that we want you to enjoy.

Do you brew a non-alc beer? / What does non-alc mean?

We are proud to introduce Just The Haze, a non-alcoholic IPA which lives up to our standards for quality and defies preexisting expectations. You'll never know it's non-alcoholic!

With this Samuel Adams non-alcoholic brew, we remove the alcohol slowly and gently, leaving all the rich flavor of a world class IPA and ABV less than .5%. Our brewers worked tirelessly for 2+ years using some newly created and proprietary brewing techniques to develop and perfect this beer. It's hazy, hoppy and brewed with pride and attention to detail.

What are the ingredients in Samuel Adams beers?

Here at Samuel Adams, we use the best quality malted barley and hops in each and every one of our beers in addition to water and our own proprietary yeast, which is filtered out before the beer gets bottled or canned. We employ traditional brewing methods to create flavorful and interesting beers.

Over the years, we have experimented with hundreds of other ingredients and developed innovative new recipes using vanilla, chocolate, Grains of Paradise (an African pepper), cinnamon, citrus, and other fruits.

I have an allergy. What allergens are in Samuel Adams beer?

As brewers and drinkers, we understand your concern about potential allergens in the beverages you consume. The safety of our products and consumers is our priority and as such, we carefully manage every ingredient we source and how we incorporate them in the highest quality beverages across our brands.

In addition to product labeling and packaging ingredient information, we are committed to transparency and communication with our drinkers. Below you will find a list of Samuel Adams products that contain one of the specified eight major food allergens (milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soy) or certain ingredient sensitivities (sulfites and gluten). The information below represents nationally distributed products. For any taproom exclusive, limited release styles, or outstanding allergen questions, please reach out using the Contact Us form below.

The following products contain the allergen ingredient Wheat:

  • Samuel Adams Summer Ale
  • Samuel Adams Cold Snap
  • Samuel Adams Winter Lager
  • All Samuel Adams Wicked range beers (Wicked Hazy, Wicked Easy, Wicked Double)
  • Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
  • Samuel Adams Holiday White Ale
  • Samuel Adams Jack-O
  • Samuel Adams Reunion IPA
  • Samuel Adams Lawn Chair Lager

The following products may contain the allergen ingredient Wheat:

  • All other Samuel Adams Beer Products

The following products contain the ingredient sensitivity Gluten:

  • All Samuel Adams Beer Products

The following products would not be considered vegan due to the inclusion of Honey:

  • Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat


There are no ingredients or ingredients derived from milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or soy used in any of the products we are currently brewing.

Allergens listed in the "CONTAINS" statement refers to the allergen(s) in the product's recipe and ingredient list, while the "MAY CONTAIN" statement refers to any allergen(s) not in the product’s recipe but may be present despite all efforts to exclude the allergen. Persons sensitive to any of the identified allergens in the "CONTAINS" or "MAY CONTAINS" statement should avoid that product.

Is Samuel Adams gluten free? / Does Samuel Adams make a gluten free beer?

Our traditional recipes use malted barley and wheat, both of which have gluten. A few drinkers have asked u to brew a gluten free beer, but our experimentation with gluten free recipes has not yielded a beer we want to drink. There is hope, however! If you’re looking for a gluten free option, we’d recommend Truly Hard Seltzer,, and Angry Orchard Ciders,

Where do you brew and bottle your beer?

We brew our beers in the three breweries we own. Our original brewery dates back to 1870 but closed in the 1960s. We began renovating it in 1984. It serves as our innovation brewery and is the heart and soul of our company. It’s where we develop all our new beers. We also welcome more than 200,000 thirsty beer pilgrims every year for tours and tastings, and to pull up a stool and sample beers at our first Tap Room.

In 1997, we bought an historic brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio which we also have renovated, and which also is located nearby our Cincinnati Tap Room. In 2008 we bought a third historic brewery in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania that we brought back to life and over the years have expanded and upgraded.

In 2020, we opened The Sam Adams Boston Taproom located steps away from the iconic Samuel Adams statue and the Freedom Trail. Here we brew experimental styles that can only be found at the Taproom.

Are Samuel Adams beers kosher certified?

Many of our Samuel Adams styles are Kosher and bear the Star-K certification symbol on the label. To see our letter of certification or to inquire about specific styles, send us an email using the form at the bottom of this page.

Engaging with Samuel Adams

Where can I apply for a job with Samuel Adams?

We are always on the hunt for great talent. Check out our open positions here. We update these listings every week. Lots of people assume that working for a beer company is all fun and no work. FALSE! We work hard and we play. If you’re a smart and hard-working person and passionate about building your career, Boston Beer Company may be just the place for you. HINT: In the “play hard” category, every employee (over 21) gets two free cases of beer every month.

Where can I find Samuel Adams merchandise?

We have a store in our Boston Brewery that is brimming with all kinds of Samuel Adams merchandise. If you can’t make it to Boston, however, check out our E-store. We have lots of clothing, bar wear, signs, etc.

I have a question about an order through your E-Store. Can you help me?

Just fill out the return/exchange form found here, pack it up, send it back, and we will take it from there. Don’t have a copy of the return/exchange form? Shoot us an email at A couple things to keep in mind — all products must be returned in their original condition: unworn, unwashed and with a copy of the invoice and reason for return included within 30 days.

I’d like a donation for an upcoming event. Who should I contact?

We are able to provide beer only to authorized groups with a 501(c)(3) designation. We support countless non-profits with beer donations. We generally ask the organizations to pick up the beer at our brewery, but in limited cases we can arrange for donations in other parts of the country. To find out if we might be able to donate beer for your event, please reach out to

We focus most of our philanthropic efforts to help communities across the country through our Brewing the American Dream program.

I heard about your Brewing the American Dream program for small businesses. Where can I apply?

At Samuel Adams, we certainly understand the uphill battle of starting a small business. In 1984, our founder and brewer, Jim Koch, had a dream of starting a brewery, but lacked the financing, advice, and the small business experience – to make that happen. Jim hasn’t forgotten the challenges start-ups face in the American business landscape. Entrepreneurs who have a dream, a plan, and a passion, now have somewhere to go to help them launch or grow.

We’re happy you have found your way to our Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program. BTAD is designed specifically to help food, beverage, hospitality, and craft brewing entrepreneurs through access to capital, mentoring, and coaching. You can find lots of information on our program website. There you can learn how to apply for a small business loan and learn about our coaching and mentoring events and programs. Since BTAD’s launch in 2008, we have provided more than $26 million in loans to thousands of small businesses all over the country. If you’re in or want to be in the food & beverage industry, please reach out to BTAD.

Visiting our Brewery

Can I tour your brewery?

Yes! Join the fun! The Samuel Adams Boston Brewery is one of Boston’s most popular attractions and has been voted “Best Brewery Tour” many, many times. Learn about making beer, and best of all, sample several different beers in our tasting rooms.

The Brewery and the Shop are open for tours Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. The Tap Room is open the Monday through Saturday from 11 am until 8 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm. Click on our Boston Brewery page and our Brewery FAQs. Our two breweries (Cincinnati, OH, and Lehigh Valley, PA) are not currently open for public tours/tastings.

If you can’t visit us at the Boston Brewery, we also have The Sam Adams Boston Taproom at 60 State Street steps away from the iconic Samuel Adams statue and the Freedom Trail. Our 3 floors Tap Room includes our rooftop outdoor deck and our lower level featuring beer hall style tables perfect for larger groups. It is open Wednesdays and Thursdays 2 pm to 8 pm, Fridays and Saturdays, 12 pm to 8 pm and Sundays, 12 pm to 6 pm.

Our Tap Room across from our Cincinnati Brewery features food trucks, occasional musical entertainment, and, of course, beer. It is open Monday through Thursday 3 pm to 11 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 12 am.

Please note: due to the COVID-19, we are doing things a little differently. Unfortunate we are not currently offering tours. At our Boston Brewery in Jamaica Plain, we are open for outdoor drinks and dining. Reservations are not required but are suggested and guests are restricted to 90 minutes of seating. At our downtown Boston Taproom, we are open for drinks and dining and limit guest to 90 minutes of seating. We offer reservations for the first seating of the day and we are first come first serve for the remainder of the day.

See full Boston Brewery COVID Guidelines

See full Boston Taproom COVID Guidelines

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