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September 16, 2016The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Introducing Nitro Project Beertails!

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to enjoy at least one of the rich and smooth beers from our Nitro Project series. If so, then you’ve seen for yourself how the rolling cascade of tiny bubbles settles into a thick foam head. A totally different beer experience, we know.

We wanted to give you nitro-lovers a new way to enjoy Nitro Project (who doesn’t love options), so today we are introducing a series of beertails to help take your nitro beer experience to a new level! These recipes are all super simple, but really, REALLY good! Give them a try as you ease into the fall season and let us know what you think (or any new recipe ideas you might stumble upon) on our social channels using the hashtag #NitroProject.


Sam’s Stormy Orchard


1/2 can of Nitro Coffee Stout

1/2 (6oz) Angry Orchard Crisp Apple


Pour 6oz. of Angry Orchard into a pint glass. Top with Nitro Coffee Stout.

Nitro Sunset


1/2 can Nitro White Ale

1oz Campari

1oz orange juice


In a pint glass, pour Campari and orange juice over ice, add Nitro White Ale to fill glass. Garnish with orange.

Dark Spiced Nitro


1/2 can Nitro Coffee Stout

6oz Ginger Beer (either hard ginger ale or non-alcoholic)


Pour 6oz of Ginger Beer into a pint glass. Top with Nitro Coffee Stout.

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