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June 09, 2017The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Splice the Mainbrace (aka round for the crew) with Tall Ships Ale

To celebrate Sail Boston 2017, our brewers brewed Samuel Adams Tall Ships Ale, a twist on the classic witbier style from Belgium and Northwestern Europe, a region rich in both brewing and sailing culture. 

We had the chance to chat with Eryn Bottens, R&D Brewer at the Sam Adams Boston Brewery about this new limited release beer.

What’s the story behind Tall Ships Ale?

Brewing and sailing have been closely tied throughout history – sea-fairing merchants introduced exotic spices to add new flavors to beer, and sailors preferred beer to water because it was cleaner (and because, well, beer).  So, for Sail Boston, we wanted to brew a beer that reflects the history of brewing and sailing to commemorate the Tall Ships coming to Boston. 

What does Tall Ships Ale taste like? What inspired the flavor?

We wanted to brew a crisp, refreshing brew that will quench anyone’s thirst on a summer day.  This special beer is brewed with Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend and malted wheat for a crisp body, American Citra hops for a tropical fruit and slight citrus from orange peel as well as coriander and grains of paradise for a balanced peppery bite. And at 5.5%, this beer can be easily enjoyed in one session, whether you’re landlocked or near the water.

When would you enjoy this beer?

This is definitely a beer to enjoy during warm weather. I’d enjoy it on a beach or a BBQ with friends and of course, on a boat! Because of its citrus and slight pepper notes, it pairs perfectly with seafood like lobster from Maine or oysters from Massachusetts. 

A limited run of Samuel Adams Tall Ships Ale bottles will be available for sale exclusively at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery for $19.99 a bottle and on draft at limited bars and restaurants in Boston and at select Sail Boston events. Click here to to find Boston area bars and restaurants where Tall Ships Ale will be served.

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