Cooking with Sam: OctoberFest Chicken and Pretzel Waffle Cone with Beer-Infused Cheese


OctoberFest lovers and Foodies unite! OctoberFest Chicken and Pretzel Waffle Cone with Beer-Infused Cheese is here!

Love OctoberFest, chicken and waffles? Well, we have the perfect fork-free, beer-infused dish for you! NYC’s Chick'nCone created a mouth-watering recipe fit for foodies and beer lovers alike this fall season: OctoberFest Chicken and Pretzel Waffle Cone with beer-infused cheese - there’s no better combination. If you want to grab and go, visit Chick'nCone in NYC. If you’re not in the NYC- area, don’t worry! You can wow your friends at home with Chick'nCone's recipe.

Crock Pot Sam Adams Beer Cheese Ingredients:

  • 1 bottle Sam Adams OctoberFest
  • 16 oz. of shredded sharp cheddar
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

Combine into crockpot and whisk every 20 minutes. Heat until melted and blended.

Chick'nCone Crispy Fried Chicken Ingredients:

  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1/2 cup of buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 1 cup Panko bread crumbs

Slice Chicken Breast into 3/4in by 2in strips. Roll in flour covering completely. Add buttermilk. Let chicken strips soak and then remove and place in Panko Bread Crumbs, covering completely. Chill for 1 hour. In a fryer or frying pan use corn oil and bring to 350 degrees. Carefully place chicken strips in oil and fry for 6 minutes or until completely cooked and golden brown. Remove from oil and lightly salt. Slice into bite sized pieces. Place in small mixing bowl and add 2 oz. of Sam Adams OctoberFest Cheese. Toss chicken until covered and place in waffle cone.

Chick'nCone Waffle Ingredients:

If making your own cone, CoBatCo Olde Tyme waffle cone mix is recommended.

Directions: Mix waffle mix with cool water following directions on bag. Ladle 1 oz. of mix into center of Waffle Cone Baker. Cook for 54 seconds. Remove and shape. For added flavor squirt a small amount of Sriracha in a spiral shape in the cone mix before closing the baker lid.