January 30, 2018The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Big Game Beer Bet

This year, the Big Game brings together two competitive, historic, beer-loving cities: Philadelphia and our hometown, Boston.

In the spirit of brotherly love, we’ve teamed up with our lager-loving neighbor Jack’s Abby, to cheer for New England and wager a friendly bet against the underdogs, Victory Brewing Company and Yuengling. We kicked off our bet with a good old fashioned Twitter smackdown, because who doesn’t love some trash-talk? We’re confident that we’ll be kickin’ back with a 6-pack watching the 6th ring be awarded to our team, while Victory and Yuengling honor the true GOATs.

So, what's the bet?

Losing brewery (ahem, Victory and Yuengling, ahem) has to wear the opposing team’s jerseys/colors at the brewery… AND wear the opposing team’s signature mask (e.g. those Philly brewers will be replacing their dog masks with goats)!

Throughout the week, Jacks Abby and Samuel Adams will be taking donations at their taprooms to help preserve the bald eagle (don’t want to clip their wings spirits as they hope to fly high into the 2019 season) while Victory and Yuengling will take donations to preserve the Freedom Trail (it will be a long walk home if the hometown team loses).

For Boston-area fans: If the New England wins the Championship, fans over 21+ can stop by our Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Tap Room on Monday (Feb. 5th) wearing New England gear and celebrate the win with a beverage on us. 

For the dedicated fans heading out to Minneapolis, be sure to check with our Beer Finder to see where you can enjoy Samuel Adams. You can also join us at the FREE Night Before concert in St. Paul at the Xcel Energy Center on February 3rd from 2PM - 6PM featuring Dave Matthews Band. 

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