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October 19, 2021The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Our commitment to you

There's a spot at the bar for everyone at Sam Adams. We're dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe environment for our coworkers, guests, and partners — free of discrimination and intimidation — where every single person is always treated with respect and dignity.

For this reason, the following behaviors (including but not limited to) are 100% unacceptable:

  • Physical touch without consent
  • Unwanted attention – staring, stalking, or trapping an individual
  • Hate speech or attire
  • Inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive behavior that crosses personal boundaries (unwanted nicknames, sexual remarks, remarks on physical appearance)

We will ask any guest to leave if they cannot follow these guidelines. Behavior that repeatedly crosses personal boundaries of our coworkers or other guests has no place here. All who walk through our doors should feel safe, welcomed, and treated with respect. Yes, we put these rules on the wall, but we all play a part in creating this type of environment. Here’s to making this a welcome space for all.

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