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September 27, 2017 The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Cooking with Sam

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OctoberFest lovers and Foodies unite! OctoberFest Chicken and Pretzel Waffle Cone with Beer-Infused Cheese is here!

January 03, 2017 The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Cold Snap Brined Chicken Wings

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Impress your friends this month by (literally) adding beer to the mix. The 10 different fruits and spices in Sam Adams Cold Snap deliver a hefty dose of flavor that will bring your wing game to the next level and make you the MVP of any party.

November 22, 2016 The Sam Adams Editorial Team

Thanksgiving Recipe: Chickpea & Chorizo with Ginger Beer

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Add a modern spin to your Thanksgiving table with this recipe from Chef Ken Oringer. The Boston-based chef dreamed up this recipe with a Friendsgiving in mind.

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