Beers of Fall

The Beers of Fall Variety Pack puts all of our favorite flavors of fall into one pack that is sure to be a crowd pleasure for any fall occasion. Including classic favorites like Boston Lager and OctoberFest, and exclusive styles to the pack 20 Pounds of Pumpkin, Black Lager, Maple Red, and brand new style Honey Rye Pale Ale.


Beers of Fall

The Fall Can Variety Pack is the go-to pack for all of your fall activities, whether you’re tailgating for the game, hanging out at bonfire on a camping trip, or heading out on a hike. It includes fall favorite OctoberFest, Bohemian Pilsner, and featuring a new style exclusive to this pack: Dunkelweizen.

Pack of Rebels

Pack of Rebels Variety Pack

From our Rebel IPA to our brand new Rebel Grapefruit IPA, Pack of Rebels is a year-round variety pack created for any west coast IPA hop head. Pack of Rebels includes: Rebel IPA, Rebel Juiced IPA, Rebel Grapefruit IPA, and Rebel White Citra IPA (exclusive to the Pack of Rebels variety pack).

Brewing the American Dream Micro-Brewery Collaboration Pack


The beers in our first ever Brewing the American Dream Variety Pack were brewed in collaboration with five rising-stars who participate in Brewing the American Dream. These breweries each have a story as unique as their beers, and we are excited to share them with you. We’ve also included Boston Lager, since this was the beer that started it all for us.