Where to Find Samuel Adams

Where can I find my favorite Samuel Adams beer styles near me?

Samuel Adams can be found nationwide! If you’re looking for a particular style, plug your zip code into our Beer Finder to locate retailers, bars and restaurants carrying our beers in your area. Just make sure to zoom out and move the map around to find more locations carrying our products.

Where can I find kegs of Samuel Adams?

Currently we offer kegs of Boston Lager, Rebel IPA, and some seasonal beers. If you’re interested in one of our Samuel Adams kegs, please check with your local keg retailers and let them know you’re looking for one.

My favorite style isn’t on the beer finder- what does that mean?

Certain styles are very popular among drinkers, while others are made in very small batches. These styles can be hard to find at times and may not make it onto our Beer Finder. If you are having trouble finding a particular beer while it is in season, let your local liquor store know you are interested in additional Samuel Adams styles.

Can I buy beer online or direct from the brewery?

As much as we want to get our beer into your hands, we cannot ship our beers directly to you because of the three-tier system regulating alcohol distribution in the US. Beer cannot be shipped directly from a brewery to consumers or sold online.

The one great exception is if you visit our Boston Brewery or Tap Room, which we opened in late 2017. We offer specialty beers for purchase in bottles and growlers at our brewery store, and our tap room has a number of rotating styles available for you to enjoy by the pint or in crowlers.

I’m interested in Utopias - Where can I find a bottle?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in Utopias. This is the most extreme barrel-aged beer project we have undertaken to-date and is considered one of the craft beer community’s most renowned and sought-after beers.

This is a very limited-edition beer. With only 68 wooden casks of Utopias created in 2017, just 13,000 bottles were released nationwide. By law, it cannot be reserved or purchased directly through Samuel Adams. We also do not have specific information we can offer as to where these elusive beers ultimately end up. Please note that, because of Utopias’ high alcohol content, it may not be found in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, and Vermont. Maybe someday!

If you’re looking for a coveted bottle of Utopias, we suggest contacting your local retailers, especially specialty liquor and beer stores, and letting them know you’re interested. They may be able to point you in the right direction. The search is on!

I heard you make a helium-infused beer. Can I buy it?

Unfortunately, “HeliYum” does not exist. The idea came out of an April Fool's video released in 2014 by our founder and brewer, Jim Koch. The rumors have continued to circulate since then! While we wish it was a real product, helium is one of the least soluble noble gases and, as a result, would be extremely difficult to successfully infuse into beer. We hope you have a chance to try our other (non-helium-infused) craft beer styles!

About our Beers

How can I tell the shelf-life of my beer?

We place a legible freshness date on every bottle to ensure drinkers are tasting the freshest beer possible. Each bottle label has a vertical timeline with a month notched, and there’s a month and year printed on the bottom of each can. You want to enjoy that beer before the first of that month. For example, if it’s notched in January or marked JAN 2018, you’ll want to finish it before January 1st.

While beer will not “expire” the way milk or eggs do, flavor profiles will change over time. We always encourage our drinkers to enjoy our beer before it’s out of code to ensure it still tastes the way our brewers intended.

What are the ingredients in Samuel Adams beers?

Our beers are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Samuel Adams Boston Lager was the first American beer to pass the German Beer Purity Law, also known as the Reinheitsgebot, following Prohibition. The Reinheitsgebot requires German brewers to only use the traditional ingredients found in beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. To add complexity to our brews, some of our other recipes use spices or fruit (not to be confused with adjuncts) including, but not limited to, vanilla, grains of paradise, cinnamon, chocolate, rose hips, lemon zest, cherries, and orange peel.

Do your beers contain possible allergens like peanuts/ tree nuts or corn?

Rest assured, none of our styles contain peanuts, tree nuts, corn, or corn derivatives. We understand the difficulties associated with restricted diets and hope this information is helpful. If you have questions about any other potential allergens, please feel free to reach out to us directly through our Contact Us page.

Is Samuel Adams gluten free? / Does Samuel Adams make a gluten free beer?

Right now, we only make traditionally brewed beers, which naturally contain gluten derived from malted barley or wheat.

Where do you brew and bottle your beer?

We brew and bottle Samuel Adams in our three breweries, in Boston, MA Cincinnati, OH and Lehigh Valley, PA. While our Boston Brewery is the smallest of the three, it is the most important. The Boston Brewery was our first location and is akin to a test kitchen. All our beer ideas begin here, with the exception of Boston Lager, which was born in our founder, Jim Koch’s, kitchen. It’s also where we get to share our brewing process with our drinkers and where we experiment with new ingredients to brew specialty beers that are available only in the Boston area or in our Brewery tasting rooms and Tap Room.

Are Samuel Adams beers kosher certified?

A number of our styles are indeed kosher. All kosher styles will bear the Star-K certification symbol on the label. For our official letter of certification, or to inquire about a specific style, feel free to reach out to us directly through our Contact Us page.

Visiting our Brewery

Can I tour your brewery?

We would love for you to join us at our Boston Brewery! We are open for tours Monday through Saturday. For more information about visiting out Boston Brewery and Tap Room, visit our Boston Brewery page and our Brewery FAQs. Please note, our other two breweries (Cincinnati, OH, and Lehigh Valley, PA) are not currently open for public tours/tastings.

E-Store Order Inquiries

I have a question about an order through your E-Store. Can you help me?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in some of our Samuel Adams gear. For specific e-store inquiries, please reach out to our E-Store through their Contact Us page here. This is the most efficient way to get any order information you might need. We hope you’ll enjoy your new gear!

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