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Summer Ditch Days Variety Pack

Summer Ditch Days Variety Pack

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Ditch Work Get Beer Money

This May, June and July, DITCH WORK on Fridays at 2pm ET

Go to Twitter between 2pm-5pm and post a picture of yourself skipping work… tag @samueladamsbeer and make sure to use #SamSummerDitchDays

500 drinkers will be selected every Friday and will GET PAID TO DITCH WORK (via CASH APP)

Ditch Work Get Beer Money

Summer Ale

Light, refreshing, and perfect for summer. An American Wheat Ale with a citrus blend of orange, lemon, and lime peel. We add a touch of pepper from West-African Grains of Paradise. Crisp and easy-drinking, ditch the grind and make any day a summer Friday.

Porch Rocker

Sweet and refreshing, this Radler was inspired by cyclists who mixed beer with lemonade to quench their thirst on hot summer days. Our take on this style starts with a golden Helles lager and adds a unique blend of lemons to capture that fresh-squeezed zest. It’s crisp, light, and clean.

Summer Adventure Lager

A crisp and smooth summery Lager with pineapple and lime.

Take-A-Day IPA

A juicy and refreshing IPA that’s sessionable, thirst-quenching and full of orange flavor for a perfectly sweet, summer taste profile.

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