Congratulations to Ronnie Lawson, a homebrewer from Austin TX who brewed a cross between a Munich Helles and Dortmunder beer, for winning our LongShot American Homebrew Contest.

Ronnie will be awarded the new LongShot grand prize: a one-week “Brewership.” The Brewership is a fully-immersive brewing experience at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery that allows Lawson to work alongside the award-winning team of Samuel Adams brewers, learning about ingredient sourcing, the nuts and bolts needed to run a brewery, quality assurance testing, packaging and more. The Brewership also includes the chance to brew a limited-release collaboration beer that will be available in Lawson’s hometown as well as the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery.

The two runners-up, Peter Malikowski of Hampden, ME and Justin Greer of Royal Oak, MD, both of whom brewed outstanding and different New England IPAs, will receive a scholarship for an online brewing course at The Siebel Institute of Technology, an internationally-inspired educational experience in brewing technology knowledge.